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‘t Is the season – infinity scarf


This ¬†infinity scarf is for one of my friends. It’s made from hot pink yarn and crocheted with a no. 9 or 10 crochet hook. It’s very versatile; you can adjust the width and length yourself. if you prefer a regular scarf, don’t crochet together the two ends but instead finish off and weave in the ends at the end of any row.

Pattern: chain 14 (or as many as it requires to get the preferred width of the scarf), turn
sc 13 in back loops only, ch 1, turn

now continue sc-ing 13 in back loops until your scarf is long enough
End your last row like every other, with a chain.
Then grab the beginning of your scarf (you started there with the 14 chains), and put your hook through the front loop of the end, and the back loop of the same chain at the beginning part. Slip stitch, and repeat in every front loop (end part)/ back loop (beginning part). Finish off, weave in ends.



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